As a graduate of the Tyler School of Art where he studied sculpture, Arthur King prefers to describe himself as a fine artist, a sculptor. He is moved and driven by an attraction to architecture. Arthur creates objects that stand alone as art while simultaneously offering mundane functionality. Using only materials of high quality, void of faux finishes, Arthur’s work is built using a maximum of three materials, but no less than two. He creates objects with significant weight, yet with clean deconstructed lines that add composition and depth to each piece. Arthur’s furniture, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, interior designs and installations along with his architectural design work is all an extension of his unique personality and story. 


Upon completion at the Tyler School of Art, Arthur devoted his life to building and supporting youth programs centered around introducing skateboarding to new countries through alpha skatepark projects from Haiti and Jamaica  to India and East Africa all while continuing to make and teach art. After finishing the facility in Jamaica, Arthur built an art studio and wood shop for himself on the same land. 


This studio is where Arthur began to merge sculpture and painting. He then turned to marrying sculpture and furniture. Refusing to call the work furniture, he prefers the term “functional sculpture”. 


In 2011 Arthur's first daughter was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He then sold a large collection of original furniture and art, liquidated his wood shop, donated his studio and moved to California where he now resides with his two children. 


Arthur’s Los Angeles based flagship business is Arthur King Design, a fully functional art and design firm specializing in high-end luxury residential architectural and furniture design along with a specialty in cutting-edge high-end commercial designs. 


Arthur King Design is a unique firm in that it also offers a “design to sell” option for development companies, investors, or individuals selling their home in the luxury real estate market. Arthur is a licensed realtor with an innovative concept to design, build, stage and successfully sell beautiful homes in the Los Angeles luxury market. 

Most recently, Arthur has founded, HIDEOUT LA, a creative space for creative people. Hidden in the heart of LA, HIDEOUT is the space to birth and occupy your creative ideas, production, art work, private gatherings, workshops, events, and much more. Fully designed and renovated by Arthur, the architectural designer really wanted to create an environment where artists could flourish through collaborative projects.

King’s work has been tied to multiple ground breaking residential development companies. Most notably Re-inhabit. Arthur partners as a realtor with LA Luxe Group, Keller Williams Beverly Hills.